Telide TPU-SW004 气动气体增压动力装置 (6.9bar, 600bar)

Square aluminum alloy frame. Rear panel can be opened. Other panels can be disassembled. Mounted with truckles on the bottom.

Equipped with USA Sprague Pruducts air driven booster, high pressure tubing and valves from NOVA Swiss, gas cylinder, high pressure regulating valve, filter, pressure regulating valve, unloading valve, magnetic valve, etc.

Specific equipment for physical foaming cable extruder. Output pressure regulated by high pressure regulating valve. Movement of booster regulated by frequency.

Outlet pressure can be set. With over pressure protection and alarm.

Max driving air pressure 6.9 bar, max output air pressure 600 bar.

Other options: gas injection needle, quick plug, 1/8 high pressure tube.

Dimensions(L×W×H): 35×22×42 inch. Weight:265 lbs..



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