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Tonghui TH2518 电阻/温度扫描仪 (10μΩ~200kΩ)

Measuring Parameters: DC resistance, temperature

Resistance Test Range: 10μΩ — 200kΩ

Basic Resistance Test Accuracy: 0.05%

Resistance Range: Auto and manual (200mΩ, 2Ω, 20Ω, 200Ω, 2kΩ, 20kΩ, 200kΩ)

Temperature Sensor Type: PT500 platinum resistance, PT100 platinum resistance, analog voltage input Temperature test range

Temperature Test Range: PT100, PT500 :-10℃ — 99.9℃,Analog:0V — 2V ;Temperature Test Accuracy: PT100, PT500:0.3%*measured value  ±0.5℃,Analog:±1%Rd ± 3mV

Measurement Mode: Stand-alone, scanning

Scanning Channels: 15 channels/boards, and up to 6 boards and 90 channels can be inserted. 

Test Terminal Selection of Test Channel: Arbitrary configuration between channels (programmable)

Test Current: ≤100mA

Measurement Speed: ingle board: 100 times / sec, 40 times / sec, 2 times / sec, 6 boards: 600 times / sec, 240 times / sec, 12 times / sec

Temperature Compensation: √

Display Results: Simultaneous display the test results of 16 channels and support page turning

Short-circuit Clear Correction: Support full-scale short-circuit clearing for all channels

Comparators: Comparison boundaries are set separately for each test channel

Limit Mode: ABSDev、ABS、%

Trigger Mode: Auto trigger, manual trigger, bus trigger, Handler trigger, foot switch trigger

Test Terminal: Four-terminal test

Storage: 30 sets of instrument parameters


Standard accessories

Three-core power line

TH26050S Four-terminal test cable

PT500 temperature sensor

40-core flat cable


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