Vibsource VS-3030LS 反应振动测试仪 (5-100 Hz, 30Kgw)

Vibration table size: 300×300mm, material: aluminum alloy

Vibration waveform: sine wave

Vibration frequency: 5-100Hz

Amplitude adjustment range: 0-2.5mm (PEAK-PEAK) can be adjusted without steps

No-load maximum acceleration adjustment range: 0–11G (peak)

Maximum load capacity: 30Kgw

Vibration direction: up and down

Left and right and front and back need to cooperate with the jig (object to be tested)

Acceleration (amplitude) is adjusted by look-up table, and acceleration (amplitude) is easy to adjust

Low noise type vibration machine, noise value is less than 65dB (A)

With 3 digits timer, adjustable time from 0 to 999 seconds/minute

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