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Where to buy genuine HIOKI IM7581 impedance analyzer?

Many people are confused when they want to buy a genuine Hioki IM7581 impedance analyzer but don't know which place is trustworthy. The answer to this question is EMIN Vietnam.

We are the leading supplier of measuring equipment in Vietnam, with many years of experience in the industry and committed to providing genuine products at the best prices, bringing absolute peace of mind to customers.

HIOKI IM7581 Impedance Analyzer - General product introduction

The HIOKI IM7581 Impedance Analyzer is a high quality measuring instrument used in a wide range of industrial and research applications. With accurate and reliable impedance analysis, it provides the necessary parameters to evaluate and better understand the impedance of electronic components, circuits and systems.

The HIOKI IM7581 is designed with advanced technology and features in mind, offering wide impedance measurement, high accuracy and remarkable speed. The device can measure impedance in different frequency ranges and provides detailed information on signal transmission coefficient, reflection coefficient, and other related parameters.

With a user-friendly interface, the HIOKI IM7581 allows users to easily manipulate and display measurement results intuitively. It also features data storage and connection to a computer through communication ports for analysis and processing of measured data.

Hioki IM7581 Impedance Analyzer - General and Outstanding Features, Machine Specifications

General features:

The Hioki IM7581 is an impedance analyzer and meter with the ability to operate in the frequency range from 100 kHz to 300MHz. Designed with fast measurement time and high accuracy, it is the ideal choice for many applications in testing electronic components.

With convenient connectivity ports, the Hioki IM7581 offers faster measurement speeds with frequencies up to 300MHz. This helps to efficiently meet the needs of high-volume production of ferrite chips and inductors.

This instrument not only offers convenience and reliability in impedance measurement and analysis, but is also designed to meet industrial production requirements. With the ability to measure over a wide frequency range, fast measurement times and flexible connectivity, the Hioki IM7581 is an indispensable tool for electronic component testing and manufacturing operations.

Outstanding features of the Hioki IM7581 . impedance analyzer

Hioki IM7581 . Impedance Measurement and Analyzer It builds on the outstanding features of the Hioki IM7587, IM7580A product lines and the Hioki IM3536 LCR meter. This ensures that this model possesses some of the following outstanding features:

Test frequencies vary from 100 kHz to 300 MHz.

The fastest test speed is only 0.5 ms.

Basic accuracy ±0.72% rdg.

Comprehensive exposure testing capabilities, including DCR testing, Hi-Z rejection testing, and waveform evaluation.

The analysis mode allows frequency sweep, level sweep and interval measurements to be performed.

With these unique features, the Hioki IM7581 is a reliable instrument for impedance measurement and analysis, meeting the needs in diverse applications and providing accurate and reliable results.


Measurement mode: LCR mode, Analysis mode, Continuous measurement mode

Measurement parameters: Z, Y, θ, Rs (ESR), Rp, X, G, B, Cs, Cp, Ls, Lp, D (tanδ), Q

Measuring solution: 100 mΩ ~ 5 kΩ

Display solution:

- Z: 0.00 m to 9.99999 GΩ / Rs, Rp, X: ± (0.00 m to 9.99999 GΩ)

- Ls, Lp: ± (0.00000 n to 9.99999 GH) / Q: ± (0.00 to 9999.99)

- θ: ± (000° to 180,000°), Cs, Cp: ± (0.00000 p to 9.99999 GF)

- D: ± (0.00000 to 9.99999), Y: (000 n to 9.99999 GS)

- G, B: ± (000 n to 9.99999 GS), Δ%: ± (000 % to 999,999 %)

Error : Z: ±0.72 % rdg. : ±0.41°

Measurement frequency : 100 kHz ~ 300 MHz

Measured signal level:

- Power: -40.0 dBm ~ +7.0 dBm

- Voltage: 4 mV ~ 1001 mVrms

- Current : 0.09 mA ~ 20.02 mArms

- User configurable for voltage, current, power

Output Impedance: 50

Screen: 8.4-inch color TFT, touch

Measurement speed : FAST: 0.5 ms / MED: 0.9 ms / SLOW: 2.1 ms / SLOW2: 3.7 ms *1

Interface: EXT I/O (Handler), USB, USB memory, LAN, RS-232C (optional), GP-IB (optional)

Power supply : 100 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 70 VA max.

Machine size: 215x200x268mm, 6.5kg

Accessories : Test leads ×1, Connection cable ×1, User manual ×1, CD Disc ×1, Power connector ×1

EMIN - Prestigious distributor of Hioki IM7581 . impedance analyzer

Currently, the Hioki IM7581 impedance meter is distributed by many companies. However, rampant counterfeiting requires customers to be alert in the process of searching and buying products. To own genuine products, good prices and great warranty policy, customers can trust to choose EMIN Vietnam. We are one of the leading reputable distributors in Vietnam, trusted by many customers.

EMIN Vietnam has many years of experience in the measurement equipment business and we are committed to providing high quality products. The Hioki IM7581 is one of Hioki's line of impedance meters and analyzers that is popular in the market for its outstanding features and reliability. When buying products at EMIN Vietnam, customers can be completely assured of the efficiency and high quality that this impedance meter brings. The team of experts at EMIN Vietnam will be ready to give free advice and support to meet all the needs of customers.


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