Zonkia HC-1012 Super Ministar 高速离心机 (4,000-12,000 rpm)

Max speed: 4,000-12,000 rpm

Max Rcf: 7,000 xg

Rotors (standard):  

Round rotor: 8-place for 1.5mL/ 2.0mL tubes

8-tube adapter for 0.2mL or 8-tube adapter for 0.5mL tube

Striprotor: 32-place for 32 x 0.2mL tubes or4 x 0.2mL 8-tube PCR strips

Rotors (optional): 

Swina pucket rotor: 2-place for 2 x 1.5mL tubes

Genechipround rotor: 2-place for 2 gene chips


Lid: polvcarbonate (PC)

Body & Rotor: ABS Resin

Base feet: rubber

Weight: 3.5kg

Electrical: 85-245V AC, 50Hz,

Environment: Incubators to 50°C and cold rooms to 4°C

Option adapter and suitable rotor

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