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Tonghui TH2822E 便携式LCR测试仪 (100Hz~100kHz)

Test Parameter: 

- Primary parameters: L / C / R / Z/ DCR

- Secondary parameters: D / Q / R /θ/ ESR

Equivalent Circuit: Series and Parallel

Ranging Mode: Auto

Measurement Terminals: 3-terminal, 5-terminal

Measuring Speed: 4meas/sec, 1.5meas/sec

DCR Measuring Speed: 3meas/sec

Calibration Function: Open, short

Comparator Function: 1%, 5%, 10%, 20%

Input fuse: 0.1A / 250V

Interface: Mini-USB (virtual serial port)

Test Signal: 

Test Frequency: 100Hz,120Hz,1kHz,10kHz,100kHz

Test Level: 0.6Vrms

Output Resistance: 100Ω


Display: LCD Primary-Secondary dual display, with backlight (TH2822 not available)

Reading: Max. Primary parameters: 40,000 digits, secondary parameters D/Q  Minimum resolution: 0.0001

Basic Accuracy: 0.25%

Measuring Range 

- L: 0.000μH - 1000.0H

- C: 0.000pF - 20.000mF

- Z/R: 0.0000Ω- 10.000MΩ

- DCR: 0.0000Ω- 20.000MΩ

- ESR: 0.0000Ω- 999.9Ω

- D: 0.0000 - 9.999

- Q: 0.0000 - 9999

- Θ: 0.00°- ±180.0°

Power Requirements: 

Battery Model:  LH-200H7C,8.4V Ni-MH 200mAH rechargeable battery

AC Power Adapter: Input: 220V/50Hz, Output: 12V-15V (100Ω Load)

Standby Current: Max.11μA

Battery Life: 16 hours (typical), new alkaline battery, with backlight off

Auto Power Off: 5min, 15min, 30min, 60min, OFF available; Factory Default : 5min

Low Voltage Indicator: When battery voltage drops below 6.8V, low voltage indicator turns on.


Standard Accessories

MINI USB Communication cable

TH26028 AC power adapter

TH26004F Two-terminal Test Cable

TH26010B Gilded shorting plate

TH26027AS 4 terminal Kelvin test cable(not included in TH2822)



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